2 bedroom flat in Queensway, Gibraltar

About the property

Stunning 2 bedroom 2 bathroom 15th floor resale apartment in the new Quay 29 development with allocated parking. Residents can enjoy the long warm days of summer in the west facing pools and gardens, and are able to take advantage of the large, air conditioned private fitness suite situated within the development. A smart promenade just below the podium level will provide a lovely evening stroll along the waters edge through to the nearby Queensway Quay marina where a number of excellent restaurants and wine bars can be found. Discreet design elements, materials and colours have been carefully selected to create a clean, simple and tranquil ambiance. Modernist luxury is in the small detail, with every room in every space including authentic materials that are pleasingly tactile and of superior quality. Completion due 2019.

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Stunning 2 bedroom apartment in Quay 29, Gibraltar

Approximate price in:
EUR€   704,000
USD$   781,000
AED   2,870,000
AUD$   1,150,000
BSD$   791,000
BHD   295,000
BBD$   1,560,000
BTCɃ   72.9
CAD$   1,040,000
KYD$   652,000
CNY¥   5,510,000
XCD$   2,150,000
HKD$   6,120,000
HUFFt   231,000,000
INR₹   55,900,000
ILS₪   2,750,000
JMD$   106,000,000
JPY¥   83,100,000
KRW₩   945,000,000
MURRs   28,100,000
NZD$   1,220,000
QAR   2,870,000
RUB₽   52,100,000
SARر.س   2,930,000
SGD$   1,080,000
ZARR   12,000,000
CHFFr   765,000
THB฿   24,100,000

Asking Price:

Quay 29