5 bedroom house in Rabat, Malta

About the property

Old meets new. Classical meets contemporary.To call the house a mere abode would be a gross understatement in fact. From the location and positioning of the home, to the pastel colours chosen for the façade, accentuated by bright multi coloured geraniums you can easily tell that this is definitely not the run of the mill when it comes to Maltese houses.The house, is a palace it is. But not in the sense of the often garish and overly ornate baroque and rococo ambiances generally associated with palaces.This is a place which oozes with contemporary grandeur. Actually the word which comes to mind is taste, with more than a touch of class too. The Palazzo is situated in the central part of the island aimed at families that works from home with private spaces for guests, domestic offices, servant quarters and ample entertainment areas with the latest technology.Fully restored to its own glory, this Palazzo has all the modern amenities including home automation, wireless internet, central heating, air conditioning, outdoor pool and lots more.The first two rooms to greet visitors are the working studios. Here functionality and fun meet and literally embrace. Moving into the heart of their home, the eye quickly travels along a spacious corridor and settles on an open space with thick transparent glass flooring. This beautifully roofed courtyard is a quasi-cloister which doubles up as a mini art-gallery. Interestingly, this space transforms into a modest dancing-floor, which can sustain the weight of some 60 people.This beautifully roofed courtyard is a quasi-cloister which doubles up as a mini art-gallery. Interestingly, this space transforms into a modest dancing-floor, which can sustain the weight of some 60 people.Natural light abounds, yet it is suffused by the UV-filtering skylight, and one can only imagine the gorgeous atmosphere this place possesses at night.The house is moreover divided into segments, the formal entertaining part on the ground floor comprises a gorgeous wet bar/small sitting room alongside a formal dining room, off of which a children s room was planned for their younger guests. Upstairs however, a much larger sitting room and adjacent library clad with antiques and contemporary pieces alike, establish a true note of excellence the likes of which are only seen in historic house museums.The kitchen on the other hand, is a spectacle a haven for any gadget or electric appliance connoisseur. Although it is the room where function prevails, form has definitely not been compromised or sacrificed - even a top chef would have a field trip given the run of such a space.Their home also boasts an elevator, an ample basement, a sauna, a wine-cellar, a meditation room, walk-in closets and a wonderfully tranquil conservatory-cum-dining area.The yard is dominated by a lush green garden, complete with a green mosaic swimming-pool, just the right garden furniture and standing lamps all of which merge perfectly into the natural surroundings whilst simultaneously complementing the overall ambience.All the while the A to Z of the household ensures complete security, child friendliness, and energy efficiency, without compromising on the entertainment, fun, style and cutting-edge design.

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Approximate price in:
AED   20,500,000
AUDAU$   8,080,000
BBD$   11,200,000
BHD   2,100,000
BSD$   5,550,000
BTCɃ   686.4
CAD$   7,510,000
CHFFr   5,600,000
CNY¥   38,500,000
GBP£   4,400,000
GIP£   4,390,000
HKD$   43,800,000
HUFFt   1,630,000,000
ILS₪   20,100,000
INR₹   388,000,000
JMD$   747,000,000
JPY¥   612,000,000
KRW₩   6,630,000,000
KYDKY$   4,660,000
MURRs   197,000,000
NZD$   8,540,000
QAR   20,300,000
RUB₽   360,000,000
SARر.س   20,900,000
SGD$   7,690,000
USD$   5,580,000
XCD$   15,000,000
ZARR   80,500,000

Asking Price:

5 bedroom palazzo