3 bedroom house in Pereybere, Mauritius

About the property

Pereybere Living showcases two enchanting beachfront pavilions with a collection of eight modern three-bedroom apartments on the ground floor and on the first floor and two gorgeous penthouses on the second floor with swimming pools overlooking

stunning vistas.

The sleek design diffuses a contemporary feel that is reflected in the elegant layout. The three en-suite bedrooms echo the beauty of the surrounding nature. Among the outstanding luxury qualities, the property features an enchanting swimming pool lying like an oasis in a lush garden, a private carpark and a visitors carpark.

NB. Map marker locations are for guide purposes only and may not be complete or accurate. For exact location, please contact us.

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Approximate price in:
GBP£   2,020,000
USD$   2,450,000
AED   8,980,000
AUD$   3,600,000
BSD$   2,480,000
BHD   924,000
BBD$   4,890,000
BTCɃ   228.3
CAD$   3,250,000
KYD$   2,040,000
CNY¥   17,300,000
XCD$   6,720,000
HKD$   19,200,000
HUFFt   722,000,000
INR₹   175,000,000
ILS₪   8,620,000
JMD$   333,000,000
JPY¥   260,000,000
KRW₩   2,960,000,000
MURRs   88,100,000
NZD$   3,810,000
QAR   8,990,000
RUB₽   163,000,000
SARر.س   9,170,000
SGD$   3,390,000
ZARR   37,500,000
CHFFr   2,400,000
THB฿   75,300,000

Asking Price:

Penthouse - Iml 559