3 bedroom house in Riviere du Rempart, Mauritius

About the property

The Ennéa residential cluster is a perfect example of what tropical island living is about. The focus on Indoor / Outdoor space, the private landscaped gardens, the use of local, natural materials, are an ode to Mauritian culture and traditions. Long, lazy lunches, hours basking in the sunshine, time spent with friends and family

This is what Ennéa is about.

Located on 1.25 hectares of prime property facing holes #7 and #8 of the Azuri Golf, Ennéa adjoins the existing vibrant village to the new Rive Droite neighbourhood. Ennéa consists of a collection of high-end residences ranging from two-bedroom apartments to three-bedroom villas with views of the west and northwest part of the island.

These exquisite residences are ideal for a family of golfers and investors alike.

NB. Map marker locations are for guide purposes only and may not be complete or accurate. For exact location, please contact us.

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Approximate price in:
GBP£   906,000
USD$   1,100,000
AED   4,030,000
AUD$   1,620,000
BSD$   1,110,000
BHD   414,000
BBD$   2,190,000
BTCɃ   102.4
CAD$   1,460,000
KYD$   916,000
CNY¥   7,740,000
XCD$   3,010,000
HKD$   8,600,000
HUFFt   324,000,000
INR₹   78,600,000
ILS₪   3,860,000
JMD$   150,000,000
JPY¥   117,000,000
KRW₩   1,330,000,000
MURRs   39,500,000
NZD$   1,710,000
QAR   4,030,000
RUB₽   73,200,000
SARر.س   4,110,000
SGD$   1,520,000
ZARR   16,800,000
CHFFr   1,070,000
THB฿   33,800,000

Asking Price:

House - Villa - Iml 164
Roches Noires