2 bedroom apartment in Santo Estevao, Lisbon

With 20 unique apartments, from 1 to 5 bedroom configurations, you are guaranteed to find the solution that better suits your esthetic preferences and comfort needs.

About the property

With 20 unique apartments, from 1 to 5 bedroom configurations, you are guaranteed to find the solution that better suits your esthetic preferences and comfort needs. Divided between three different spaces (The Palace, the Patio, and the Garden) and ranging from 51 sq.m. to 483 sq.m., all the apartments drawn by architect Samuel Torres take full benefit from their location, includes private leisure areas, offers river view and greatly profits from the privileged exposure to sunlight that the Palace enjoys.

Extensively affected by the centuries and the various purposes given to it, Santa Helena was longing for deep recuperation works. The project aimed at restoring the Palace’s identity, revitalizing the building without menacing its architectural heritage. The most meaningful challenges of this project, according to the architect Samuel Torres de Carvalho and consultant José Maria Lobo de Carvalho, were the rehabilitation of a 500-year old building, complete with all the infra-structures and amenities required in the 21st century.

Renovating the historic Santa Helena Palace and its surrounding terrains is also revalorizing one of Lisbon’s most charming and picturesque areas, besides returning to the neighborhood the familiar and sharing environment that has always shaped it. Originally executed by architect Samuel Torres de Carvalho’s pen and translated into 20 apartments which simultaneously refugee themselves in the Palace’s patio and open to wonderful and unexpected views over the Tagus river, the reconstruction of Santa Helena is a love declaration to Lisbon living.


Lisbon’s oldest neighborhood, revisited. Meeting point for different cultures over the centuries, this pronounced hill with its colorful houses overlooking the river is Lisbon’s most typical neighborhood. Currently undergoing an extensive but conscious renovation process, and never renouncing its roots, Alfama seduces both locals and foreigners with its vibrant colors bathing under the sun. Here, you will find a delightful combination between the refuge of its alleys and its small but modern shops, an injection of creativity in the heart of the city. Alfama’s solid foundations allowed it to survive Lisbon’s massive earthquake in 1755, which reduced most of the city to ruins. Hence, the neighborhood still preserves its original alleys; the sounds of Fado still escape from open doors, the scent of different foods climbing its many stairwells, and the voices of history echoing in its alleyways, like a labyrinth hiding secrets of an ancient Lisbon, and the most well-kept of them all: Santa Helena Palace. Despite its imposing presence in most of the views one can have over Alfama, the majestic Santa Helena Palace is a treasure known by only a few. Its construction started in the late 1500s, and for 400 years the palace was the family residence of the S.Martinho Counts, high officials in the Portuguese royal court. Influenced by different architectural styles, the Palace grew over the centuries, expanded with new halls and familiar rooms, according to the changing needs of its residents. Its grandeur and patrimonial relevance are translated in the variety and beauty of its decorative details, like its magnificent tile friezes, frescoes, the widely decorated ceilings of its main halls, and even a richly adorned and enigmatic chapel.

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AED   2,940,000
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BBD   1,600,000
BHD   300,000
BTC   47
CAD   1,030,000
CHF   793,000
CNY   5,290,000
GBP£   600,000
HKD   6,240,000
QAR   2,880,000
RUB   47,200,000
SAR   3,000,000
USD$   800,000
ZAR   10,900,000

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Apartments In Alfama's Palace
Alfama, Lisbon